Course Registration and Payment

Online course registration and payment makes organizing a training event or a start-up session as easy as 1-2-3.

Whether it’s a free info/training session or there’s a fee, with online registration there’s no guessing about venue size, seating, coffee or meals. Payment can be made available during sign-up and if there’s a change in plans you can quickly advise all participants.

With online registration attendees can use their phones or computer to learn about course content and location before registering and if the event becomes sold-out, our system automatically and politely advises that the event is now at capacity.

Just email the info/registration link to your anticipated audience members and they’ll be taken directly to the form or to an information page. It’s that easy.

We can also supply professional grade posters for your event containing a QR code that participants can scan using their phone to register and/or pay.

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